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Welcome to Web and Graphic Designers' Alliance

One of the greatest things about being in the graphic and web design fields, is the way we  can truly be in alliance.  Even though we are in a healthy competition, all over the world, we have common issues and concerns.  When we share our solutions to these problems, we all get stronger and better informed.  This allows us all to work smarter and not harder.

When I started in web design, I was actually "exposed" to it by creating my own sites in interior design and home staging.  I was in my third year of college working toward my BFA in interior design, when the economy changed overnight.  All of a sudden I was creating sites for clients instead of promoting my interior design business.  Over half the established professionals left that field, so that is how I fell into it.  I learned three ways to build sites, all on my own.

I use Wix, WordPress and Joomla.  Over the past 8 years I have had  lot of wonderful clients, however there were a few learning curves outside of actual web design.  I wish I had known about sites like Clients From Hell back then. Even though these clients are few and far between, I appreciate the humor and to experience vicariously, the trials and tribulations associated with the multi level issues surrounding our type of work.

I thought I would create this site as my offering of my own experiences. stories, insights and  help to make your online work life easier, less stressful and maybe, even fun.

10 months ago

I am thinking of doing a "Tip of the Week".

Recently, I have branched out to content creation, (writing text) for a couple of my clients' websites. It's a lot different than writing an essay in ... See more

10 months ago
The Portfolio Life: A Surprising Route to Job Security

Love inspirational articles. It's all about perspective.

What if -- instead of thinking of your life's work as a monolithic activity -- you chose to see it as a complex group of interests, passions and activities?

10 months ago
| How To Price Web Copy

Pretty soon I will start posting on the blog and adding site articles, but I had to share this. I began copywriting because I was tired of waiting for clients to write their text.

I have always ... See more

How To Price Web Copy The least sexy thing a client can say is, How much will this cost? Pricing is painful. And it’s not an exact science. I’ll send you a quote by tomorrow morning, you say, and ... See more

1 year ago

I had no idea my page was getting seen this much and thanks to all. Sorry there is not more yet but coming soon!

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